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Robot warranty

All robots sold by Global Robots are guaranteed to be working on arrival. If defective, the buyer must notify Global Robots immediately. All robots come with a standard 90 day parts only warranty. If any spare part is found to be faulty during this period the buyer should contact Global Robots for a replacement part or where necessary repair of the faulty part. All shipment costs will be covered within the 90 day period, however the parts must be installed by the buyer.

With regards to shipment of the robots, if the buyer chooses to arrange collection through their own chosen shipping company and they choose to ship the goods as an LCL (groupage) shipment, all damage risks will be passed onto the buyer as we cannot guarantee safe delivery of the robots with this shipment method. All FCL shipments will be covered by out 90 day parts only warranty.

Extended 12 month warranty is available at extra cost.

Spare parts warranty

Goods are only guaranteed to be working on arrival unless otherwise agreed. If the spare part/s are found to be defective, the buyer must contact Global Robots immediately to arrange a replacement, or if desired a full refund. All shipment costs will be covered by Global Robots. If any spare parts are sold to a customer to fault find or the parts are no longer wanted Global Robots reserve the right to charge a 10% restocking fee and all shipment costs must be covered by the buyer.

All parts sold as exchanged will be charged for at the non-exchange price until the exchange part is returned to Global Robots. Once received, the invoice can be credited with the difference in price and either a refund will be issued or the credit balance can be added to your account. In the event of a customer not being able to return the exchange part, the buyer should contact Global Robots and the exchange can be cancelled. All exchange parts must not be beyond repair and must still be complete. Global Robots reserve the right to decide if the exchange part is not fit for the exchange agreement. The given period for returning spare parts is 14 days from delivery unless otherwise agreed. If agreed that the buyer can have the part/s at the exchange price without paying the non-exchange price first, the exchange part/s must still be sent back to Global Robots within the 14 day period (unless otherwise agreed). If the goods are not returned within that period, an invoice for the non-exchange price will be issued and will be payable immediately.


The above warranty terms are subject to the conditions as listed below:
– Any abuse or neglect of the robot will not be covered by our warranty.
– Global Robots will not be liable for any production down time and/or failure related costs
– The warranty will be voided if any equipment is altered, improperly operated, maintained or payments are not made according to previous agreement.

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