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Robotics refurbishment and testing

Controller refurbishment

  • Cleaned
  • Any old equipment removed
  • New replacement fans ​where necessary (because we test them)
  • New batteries
  • New filter foam
  • Software loaded to customers specification
  • I/O fitted to customers specification
  • Fully tested for up to 16 hours


  • Fully test robot arm
  • Check for gearbox wear
  • Check repeatability
  • Change oil/grease
  • Swap old batteries for new ones
  • Change old seals & bushes
  • Final re-test (run in auto)

Highest standard of refurbishment

Here at Global Robots we have developed a unique and thorough method of refurbishing our robots. This has been continuously improved over the last 15 years to ensure the highest standards of refurbishment possible.

Please see below our refurbishment processes:

Robot arm (standard robot arm refurbishment)

  • Preparation & painting
  • Cleaned
  • Any old equipment removed
  • Sanded & masked
  • Pre paint wipe over
  • Undercoat of paint
  • Top coat of paint
  • Unmasked

We also offer extended levels of refurbishment upon request. Please see below for further information.

What happens during the refurbishment process?


Seals & bearings are replaced and the brakes are either changed or adjusted ​where necessary.


Seals, bearings & gaskets are replaced ​where necessary. Any backlash is adjusted and removed.


Main cables within the robot are replaced ​if worn or perished and as standard on robots that are likely to suffer failure as a preventative measure.

Robot arm & controller, cables & pendant are then packaged ready for shipment.

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Product: Refurbishment