Fanuc R2000iA 165F RJ3iB Controller

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The Fanuc R-2000iA with R-J3iB controller is a standard car industry robot used by automotive companies worldwide. The R-2000iA has several variants making it suited to a wide range of applications not only in automotive but in many other industries too. The R-2000iA has a very compact configuration which means that it can fit where many physically bigger robots would not. Yet the R-2000iA has industry leading payload capacity, reach and is among the fastest robot arms in its class. This makes the R-2000iA very useful in many applications such as press tending, injection moulding, die casting, palletising and pick and place where the ability to fit in confined spaces is important. The narrow wrist design also helps in this regard. The R-2000iA comes with the Fanuc R-J3iB controller. Benefits of the R-J3iB include fast boot up time, excellent connectivity, powerful programming language, built in safety circuits, expandable I/O and bus options. The R-J3iB is also recognised as being very stable and reliable. There are several varieties of R-2000iA the three most common types are: R-2000iA/165F ?The standard 165kg payload arm R-2000iA/210F ?The heavy-duty 210kg payload arm R-2000iA/125L ?Long arm version giving extra reach At Global Robots we clean and test and paint all our robots. Testing is done in both manual and auto. We also change any lubricants required and change the batteries.