Fanuc M-710iB 45 RJ3iB Controller

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The Fanuc M-710iB is a middleweight 6-axis robot. Perfect for many different applications the Fanuc M-710iB is quite a rare robot on the used market as they are very much in demand. Once in an application they are rarely taken out. Applications they are commonly used for include unloading injection moulders, loading CNC machines, assembly, gluing, sealing, die casting extraction and part handling. This robot is also sometimes used for MIG or TIG welding where a large work envelope is needed, or when two torches are used to make a very large weld. It could also be used for plasma cutting, de burring or other finishing and fettling jobs. The M-710iB comes with the R-J3iB controller. This robot is quite unusual for a mid size robot in that in can be mounted upside down or horizontally - that is ceiling or wall mounted. This can be especially useful in applications where are large work envelope is needed. The M-710iB has a very large range of movement on axis 3, this allows the robot to flip backwards and work behind itself. Again this makes the most of the work envelope and is very useful if the robot is ceiling mounted. Before shipping the robot will be fully tested, serviced and painted including new oils, greases and batteries. This allows us to give 3 months parts warranty.