KUKA KR210 L150 KRC2 ED05 Controller

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This is a Kuka KR 210L 150 robot with a 150kg payload and 3100mm reach. The Kuka KR210L has a wider work envelope and a smaller payload than other members of its family. The KR210L KRC2 comes in versions approved for foundry or cleanroom use. The cleanroom version meets stringent cleanroom requirements and can be ordered with food-compatible H1 oil. The foundry version is suitable for environments with a high degree of fouling and high temperatures. The Kuka KRC2 controller features a plug-and-play functionality that enables rapid start-up. A low maintenance system, it uses service-proven technology and standard PC components to ensure maximum availability. The modular design of the KRC2 allows for a range of customized hardware and software expansions. The KRC2 controllers can be networked to communicate with each other in real time, making it possible for a number of robots to work together on a single workpiece. This controller is suitable for the entire robot range, from low payload arms to heavy duty arms.