KUKA KR180 PA KRC2 ED05 Controller

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The KUKA KR 180 PA is a 4 axis high speed, high payload, palletizing robot. The upper arm is constructed largely of carbon-fibre to minimise inertia and decrease cycle time. With 180kg payload is very well suited to many high-speed packaging and end of line applications. Other applications include de-stacking or de palletising and loading sheets, be that ply, glass or metal. As the robot has 4 axis the head of the robot is fixed in the horizontal plane. This makes for simple positioning and programming. Axis 1 range of motion ± 185 ° max speed 105 ° /s Axis 2 range of motion +90 ° to -39 ° max speed 10 5 ° /s Axis 3 range of motion +71 ° to -109 ° max speed 95 ° /s Axis 4 range of motion ± 270 ° max speed 300 ° /s Repeatability ± 0.35mm Arm protection IP65 (ready for operation with connecting cables plugged in) The robot we have in stock is from 2004 and is in good condition. The robot uses the KRC2 controller that is windows based and has a very large colour touchscreen. The KRC2 is notable for its excellent connectivity, huge memory and user-friendly interface. It comes with built in I/O and safety circuits.