Kawasaki ZX300S C-Controller

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The ZX series of robots from Kawasaki are very reliable with a high level of functionality. As a used machine they represent exceptional value for money. An update to the UX series they are a very good industrial robot. These robots have a proven track record in many applications and are widely used by major automotive companies. In our experience they are at least as reliable as ABB, Fanuc or KUKA. Kawasaki is a household name for Motorbikes, Jet skis and snowmobiles but they have a very broad spectrum of products that includes ships, aerospace, rail, solar, nuclear and many other sectors. There are four main types of Kawasaki ZX series robot; the ZX130, ZX165, ZX200 and ZX300. All are fast, accurate, and well engineered and are perfect for many applications including palletizing, handling, machine tending, cutting and finishing. Making use of a closed loop servo system and brushless ac servomotors the robot has joint, linear and tool coordinate movement systems. Block step programming, multitasking with the capability of running three Process control programs, along with a comprehensive self diagnosis and fault logging make the controller easy to use. The C type controller is very user friendly and features a large full colour touchscreen pendant. The 1GW I/O board has 32 digital inputs and 32 outputs and a good set of dedicated inputs and outputs to make operation simple to set up and intuitive to use. At Global Robots we supply these robots complete with controller, cables, pendant and a three-month parts warranty. We clean, paint and test each robot and set it to the input voltage required.