Fanuc R2000iB 210F RJ3iC Controller

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The Fanuc R-2000iB 210F is a floor mounted 6 axis robot with a payload of 210kg and a 2655mm horizontal reach. It is suitable for a number of applications including welding, dispensing, material handling, assembling and material removal. The R-2000iB has a slim wrist and arm design enabling it to fit into confined spaces. The large work envelope and heavy pay load gives manufacturers greater versatility when dealing with heavy duty workloads. The R-J3iC is a high performance controller that provides an increased level of intelligence and advanced motion control. There is a vibration control function and acceleration/deceleration times are increased. The R-J3iC adds enhancements to several types of automation processes. The iRVision adds functionality and intelligence without adding additional hardware or programming.