Fanuc R2000iA 210F RJ3iB Controller

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The R-2000iA is a very popular robot in many industries. The R-2000iA has a very compact configuration which means that it can fit where many physically bigger robots would not. Yet the R-2000iA has industry leading payload capacity, reach and is among the fastest robot arms in its class. This makes the R-2000iA very useful in many applications such as press tending, injection moulding and die casting where the ability to fit in confined spaces is important. The narrow wrist design also helps in this regard. The wrist axis are driven by motors placed at the back of the arm and are driven through drive-shafts. This design allows the wrist unit to be as compact as possible and also helps with the overall balance and weight distribution of the arm. The wrist of the R-2000iA has an IP rating of IP67 and the rest of the arm is IP54. The R-2000iA 210F comes with the R-J3IB controller. This is one of the best liked robot controllers in the industry being simple and fast to program but also having a great deal of functionality and communication. Because the Fanuc system is based on Fanuc’s own operating system the controller is one of the fastest to boot up and most reliable available. There are several industry standard I/O and bus systems that can be fitted. At Global Robots we clean and test each R-2000iA robot. We also service them- replacing oils and greases, filters and batteries. This was we can give 3 months parts warranty and be sure that our customers get a robot that is returned to a standard configuration, in good condition and ready to work. Please note that the robots we sell come without tooling unless otherwise specified - the pictures are for illustration only.


RJ3iB Controller