ABB IRB 6600 175/2.8 IRC5 Controller

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The ABB IRB 6600 robot is still very rare on the used market as most are still employed in their first application. The 6600 is the successor to the IRB 6400 range, although the 6400RF is still being produced in small numbers. The 6600 is used in many car factories around the world and has a good reputation for being fast, strong and flexible. The arm design gives the IRB 6600 a very big reach while keeping the arm compact. The arm can also flip over backwards. The IRB 6600 family includes 8 robot configurations including the IRB 6620 and IRB 6650 models: Payload Reach Notes 175kg 2.55m IRB 6600 225kg 2.55m IRB 6600 175kg 2.8m IRB 6600 150kg 2.2m IRB 6620 125kg 3.2m IRB 6650 200kg 2.75m IRB6650 125kg 3.5m IRB6650S 200kg 3.0m IRB6650S 
The 6600 can be used in many applications including pick and place, machine tending, grinding, welding, de-burring, trimming, and sealing. The ABB IRB 6600 models were first supplied with the ABB M2000 S4C+ controller, but more recently this has been superseded by the M2004 IRC5 controller. At Global Robots we usually have a few IRB 6600 family robots in stock, however they do not typically stay in stock for more than a few weeks - such is the demand for them. If you require a 6600 and we do not have the correct version in our stock list please let us know, we may know of others that are available on the used market.