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ABB IRB 6400R/2.5-200 S4C Controller

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The ABB IRB 6400 is one of the most installed robots in the world the 6400R is the latest revison of this arm which have been used by most of the major automotive manufacturers for over 10 years. They have an excellent reputation for reliability and capability and as such are the industry standard. It is modular in construction and as standard the 6400 has 120kg capacity and 2.5m reach but there are several types available with capacities up to 200kg and reach up to 3.0m.

The M99 S4C controller includes the servo drive system, the programming language and teach pendant, Normally supplied with one I/O card giving 16 inputs and 16 outputs it can be fitted with many more if needed. Analogue I/O is also available. The controller can also work as a PLC by controlling and monitoring I/O signals. Up to 3 background programs (for monitoring signals for example) can be run in parallel with the actual robot program and even when the robot program has stopped. Outputs can be set at a specific time or distance before a programmed position and can be executed concurrent to the robot motion. The controller also has built in dual chain (0V and +24V) safety circuits meaning that the robot can be run without the need for extra emergency stop relays etc. Because of the controllers excellent connectivity it can easily be used with programs supplied by CAD-CAM software system that converts CAD models into robot paths.

It should be noted that the arm is also very rugged and is less vulnerable to damage than many of its competitors. The robot is entirely powered by ac servomotors, the "rams" on the side of the arms are not hydraulic or pneumatic, they are simply enclosed mechanical springs. The springs and weight on the back of the robot make it very well balanced meaning the forces required to move the robot are remarkably small. Life expectancy or MTBF (mean time between failure) is largely dependant on service practises (once a year is normal) but we expect 6400's to last for at least 100,000 hours. Having said this we have seen very good examples with much more than this.

These are the main types of S4C+ controlled IRB 6400R model, prices can depend on the availability of a certain model, for example the 3.0m reach is comparatively rare:

2.5-150 The standard IRB 6400R 2.5 m reach and 150kg payload

2.5-120 Fitted with different axis 3 motors and different parameters giving a higher speed at the expense of some payload

2.5-200 Fitted with uprated axis 2 and heavier 309kg balance weight to give 200kg payload

2.8-150 Fitted with 345mm upper arm extension and 309kg balance weight to give increased work envelope

2.8-200 Fitted with uprated axis 2 motor and 485kg balance weight to make the highest specification 6400R

3.0-100 The longest reach 6400R fitted with a 550mm extension and 309kg balance weight

The IRB 6400R arm and controller are both protected to IP54 with the wrist getting additional protection to IP55 this means that the robot is well suited to industrial environments. It should also be noted that there are also foundry or 6400RF versions of all of the above types. The Foundry versions have a special non stick paint finish and increased IP ratings - IP55 for the arm and IP67 for the wrist.

The IRB 6400R is employed by the hundred around the world in a multitude of applications including spot welding, MIG welding, palletising, handling, pick and place, machine tending, milling, woodworking, cutting, de-burring, plastics, even NON EX painting and spraying applications. Now available on the used market at very reasonable prices the IRB 6400R is a fantastically useful robot. Our IRB 6400s are supplied complete with the arm, control cabinet (including I/O), cables and teach pendant. We clean, test and repaint them before shipping and provide 3 months warranty. If you need manuals we can provide them. Most of the ones we supply will have around 20,000 hours but this can vary - we are more focused on the robot's background and overall condition.

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