ABB IRB 2400/10 S4C Controller

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The IRB 2400 is employed by the hundred around the world in a multitude of applications including MIG welding, handling, pick and place, machine tending, milling, woodworking, cutting, de-burring, plastics, even NON EX painting and spraying applications. As the IRB 2400 is one of the most adaptable and capable robots available the demand for them is very high. Now available on the used market at very reasonable prices the IRB 2400 is a fantastically useful robot. Our IRB 2400s are supplied complete with the arm, control cabinet (including I/O), cables and teach pendant. We clean, test and repaint them before shipping and provide a 3months parts warranty. If you need manuals we can provide them. Most of the IRB 2400 robots we sell will have around 20,000 hours but this can vary - we are more focused on the robot's background and overall condition. The S4C controller is a further development of the S4, the "C" stands for compact and indeed this type of controller is substantially smaller and lower than the original S4. Although much of the computer system remained the same some updates were made to both hardware and software, especially on the M98 S4C. The robot arm is both simple, powerful and reliable. It should be noted that the arm is also very rugged and is less vulnerable to damage than many of its competitors. The robot is entirely powered by ac servo motors. We expect 2400's to last for at least 100,000 hours. Having said this we have seen very good examples with much more than this. The S4C controller is well regarded for its stability and reliability and has a very fast boot up time, much faster than many current models giving minimum downtime. The S4C also has various options available including ethernet connection. When ordering please specify the I/O card type needed, as we can supply either digital or analogue cards. Analogue I/O is required for applications like MIG welding and sealing.