ABB IRB 140 IRC5 Controller

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The ABB IRB 140 is a small but exceptionally fast, accurate and powerful robot. Unlike many other robots of this size the IRB 140 is solidly constructed and is a full power industrial machine. Sitting at just 810mm high and floor, ceiling or wall mounted the 140 can be fitted in a very small space, even inside another machine. With a 5kg payload the 140 is perfect for machine tending, pick and place work, MIG and TIG welding, lightweight grinding, cutting, fettling and polishing applications. An indication of the true nature of the IRB 140 is the use of a full size ABB IRC5 M2004 control cabinet. This means that installation is straightforward and designed for a proper industrial environment, not something that can often be said of the smaller robot arm types. Normally supplied with one I/O card giving 16 inputs and 16 outputs it can be fitted with many more if needed. Analogue I/O is also available. The controller can also work as a PLC by controlling and monitoring I/O signals. The controller also has built in dual chain (0V and +24V) safety circuits meaning that the robot can be run without the need for extra emergency stop relays etc. Because of the controllers excellent connectivity it can easily be used with programs supplied buy a CAD-CAM software system that converts CAD models into robot paths. The IRB 140 arm is available as a totally enclosed robot with IP67 protection or with Clean room 10 protection. It has been installed in many factories around the world since 1999 and proven itself to be exceptionally reliable even in very demanding circumstances. The quoted positional accuracy is ± 0.03mm and the 140 has very good path following capabilities too. As mentioned above the 140 can be mounted in a range of ways, indeed it can be mounted at any angle, a major advantage to get the best out of the IRB 140's reach.