Fanuc Robotics

Fanuc M-410iB 160kg Robot with R-J3IB Cntroller

SKU: Fanuc M- 410iB 160 R-J3IB
control: R-J3IB
capacity: 160kg
reach: 3143mm
stock: 2
weight: -


The Fanuc M-410iB 160 with R-J3iB controller is a fast 160kg payload, palletising robot. The M-410 is a 4-axis robot, the end effector plate is held horizontally via a series of linkages. This means that the robot is not only simple to program but also reduces mass, lowering inertia and allowing faster cycle times.


The M-410iB is suitable for many applications including:

Case palletising

Bag palletising


Layer handling

Press tending

Machine load/unload

Parts transfer

Block handling

The R-J3iB controller is very powerful, has a very fast boot up time and is simple to work with. To save space the bulk of the M-410iB R-J3iB controller is mounted underneath the robot on the robots pedestal or stand. To complete the controller there is also a small operators box (op-box) that is mounted on the guarding outside the robot cell. Here the pendant is mounted and the control buttons for the robot are available for the operator and programmer. 

At Global Robots we clean and test each robot. We then service the robot replacing any worn or damaged parts and change the grease and batteries. We supply the robot with 3 months parts warranty so that you can be sure the robot is ready to work. The robot comes complete with controller, pendant and cables. I/O or BUS systems can be fitted as required.

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