Nachi SC06F Robot with AX Controller

SKU: Nachi SC06F with AX Controller
control: AX
capacity: 6kg
reach: 1370mm
stock: 1
weight: -


The Nachi SC06F robot is a 6kg payload robot with a 1370mm reach.  Comparable to an ABB IRB 1400/2400 or a Fanuc 100i/120i, it can be used for arc welding, material handling, and robotic assembly etc.

It is supplied with an AX Controller.

Nachi's high-performance, multi-tasking controller features many hardware and software enhancements providing increased performance, cooperative motion capability, shorter cycle times, and easy menu-driven programming. Equipped with the built in software PLC, which is a standard feature. The software PLC can be used to control an entire work cell or perform more simple tasks.

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