Fronius Transpuls Synergic 4000/5000 CMT Power Source Welder

SKU: Fronius Transpuls Synergic 4000/5000 CMT Welder
control: VR 7000 CMT
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The fully digitised and microprocessor-controlled MIG/MAG power source for short circuit, spray and pulsed arcs enables the best weld properties in every respect, and reproducible results time and time again. With an output of 400 A, the TransPuls Synergic 4000 meets the highest demands of the automobile and component supply industry, equipment construction, chemical plant construction, machine and tracked vehicle manufacturing, and in shipyards. The multiprocess power source is suitable for MIG/MAG, TIG and electrode welding, as well as manual or robotic applications.

TransPuls Synergic 4000 CMT (single wire system) Remote MIG/MAG Inverter-Power Source

Aumotated application
Robot ABB IRB 2400
Interface Type - Field bus (anybus) Variants
Filler metal steel with a diameter of 1,0mm/.040"
Welding current range 3 - 400 A
Voltage range 3x 400 V
Welding torch watercooled

VR 7000 CMT 4R/G/W/F++ Wire Feeder equipped with 4x 44,001, 1377 Heavy Duty

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