KUKA KR 1000 very high payload robot with KR C2 controller

control: KRC2
capacity: 1000kg
reach: 3200mm
stock: 0
weight: 4,850kg


The KUKA KR 1000 Titan is an exceptionally high payload 6 axis robot. With over 3m of reach and 1000kg capacity it is for very heavy-duty applications.


The KR 1000 is unusual on the used market. Compared to other high payload robots there have been a good number made however it is exceptional for them to be available as they are mostly still installed in their original applications.


Rated Payload 1,000kg

Axes -6

Repeatability ISO 9283 ±0.20mm

Arm mass approx. 4 690kg

Protection of the robot IP65

Operating Temperature +10C to +55C

Reach 3200mm

Vertical Reach 5000mm


The two units we have available are from 2010 and have been wearing protective covers during the short time they have been in production.


These KR 1000 Robots come with KRC2 controllers - version Ed05. This means the controllers are running Windows XP and are easy to set up with CAD-CAM or other software. They also have large colour screens that are good for more traditional programming.



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