ABB IRB 540 with S4P control. EX rated paint robot

SKU: IRB 540 S4P
control: S4P
capacity: 5kg
reach: 2573
stock: 1
weight: 1,500kg


The ABB IRB 540 is a speciality EX rated Painting robot. The robot arm is not only sealed but also has a pressurised air system preventing any solvent ingress. This along with the intrinsically safe S4P cabinet allows the IRB 540 to be used in explosive atmospheres caused by use of solvent-based paints, lacquers and solvents.


The IRB 540 also has other attributes that make it better suited to painting and coating applications than a “standard” industrial robot. ABB paint robots are very well established as the market leaders and are designed specifically for the task in hand. The Flexi-Wrist allows fluid analogue movement that allows consistent and even application of coatings. Minimising waste and providing the best possible finish. It is unsurprising that many automotive lines use ABB IRB 540 robots.


At Global Robots we clean and service each robot. We test it for function in both “teach” and “automatic” modes and check that the robot is good to work. Industrial robots such as the IRB540 are designed to work for many years with little or no down time.  The MTBF (mean time between failure) on all ABB robots is very low indeed which is not surprising when one discovers the cost of holding up an automotive line!


We can recommend a specialist paint robot integrator if required.


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