Fanuc Robotics

Fanuc LR Mate 100iB with R-J3iB Mate controller

SKU: Fanuc LR Mate 100iB R-J3iB Mate
control: R-J3iB
capacity: 3-4kg
reach: 620mm
stock: 1
weight: 350kg


The LR Mate 100iB industrial robot from Fanuc Robotics is a small, high speed, pick and place robot. Unusually the LR Mate 100iB is a five-axis robot but it is missing movement on what would usually be “axis 4” in a typical robot arm design. This allows the LR Mate to be cheaper, faster and simpler while actually sacrificing very little in terms of flexibility.


The LR Mate 100iB is designed primarily for pick and place work including machine tending. However it can also be used for welding, dispensing, assembly and testing applications. The LR Mate is one of the fastest robots we sell at Global Robots with an axis 1 speed of 240°/s allowing for very fast cycle times. With a repeatability of ±0.04mm the LR Mate 100iB also has exceptional precision and accuracy. 


The ability to mount this robot either normally or inverted makes this an ideal robot to mount on a CNC machine or injection moulder. Allowing fast, precise machine loading and unloading making the most of the LR 100iB’s 620mm reach (this does not include extra reach of tooling). The LR mate is also very good at IML (In Mould Labelling) or other assembly or finishing work. This gives a manufacturer not only the ability to make best use of expensive equipment and run them unmanned around the clock, but also to include other value adding processes. An example of adding value to a simple machine tending process would be using the robot to induction-harden parts after removal from a CNC mill.


The LR Mate 100iB robots we have available are low hour and in good condition. Each robot is cleaned tested and serviced, with new grease, oils and batteries fitted before shipping. The LR Mate 100iB robot comes complete with teach pendant, cables and controller.  The R-J3 controller has built in I/O that while plenty for most applications can be expanded if required. 

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