Fanuc Robotics

Fanuc 100i/M-6i with R-J2 control

SKU: Fanuc 100i/M-6i RJ2
control: R-J2
capacity: 6kg
reach: 1.37m
stock: 6
weight: 700kg


The Fanuc M-6i is the handling version of the Arcmate 100i the main difference is in the software loaded into the R-J2 controller. 
The M6i has a 6kg payload which means it is perfect for handling, pick and place and other applications. Also loaded up with welding software it is a great MIG or TIG welder. The M6i arm was one of the first single sided arms and is very well respected for it's reliability and longevity. The single sided aspect means the robot has a very good work envelope (the space in which the robot works). Built with the precision and attention detail one expects of one of the world biggest Japanese robot manufacturers the M6i is a very good machine indeed.
Fanuc M6i /100i are the robot of choice for many car manufacturers when it comes to seam welding applications such as chassis fabrication. We sell many of these for welding applications too, being very good value as well as being the right tool for the job. The Fanuc RJ2 controller is muti-purpose and is used for many applications. The Fanuc TP language is simple and easy to use and the Fanuc controller is very reliable indeed. 
There are two versions of the R-J2 cabinets; the i or integrated type and the B type which is separate to the arm. We frequently have both types in stock and there is little to choose between them. The integrated control has the robot drives in a box attached to the base of the robot and a second an OP box or operators box that sits outside the cell, often hung on the guarding, and mounts the TPU and e stop buttons etc. The B type cabinet is a larger single unit that houses all the controls. 

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