Fanuc Robotics

Fanuc 120iB/M-16iB with R-J3iB control, this model is the 20kg long arm version

SKU: Fanuc 120iB/M-16iB R-J3iB
control: R-J3iB
capacity: 20kg
reach: 1667mm
stock: 11
weight: 700kg


Fanuc have an excellent reputation in many aspects of robotics and their yellow robots are seen in hi-tech factories throughout the world. The Fanuc M-16iB industrial robot is a 20kg payload robot that is designed for high speed arc welding.

The M-16iB is essentially the same arm as the Fanuc ArcMate 120i and is used widely in automotive and tier one manufacturing. Their dexterity means they are also used for all types of seam welding including MIG, TIG and laser. In addition they are perfect for cutting applications (such as plasma cutting) sealing, gluing and others where control of speed and accurate path following is needed. Fanuc M-16iB robots can also be utilized for handling applications such as machine tending or pick and place. They have a repeatability of +-0.1mm. Each Fanuc M-16iB we ship is tested and serviced before cleaning, repainting and then a final test to check the robot is ready to work. We give a three-month parts warranty so that you can be sure that you are getting a complete and functional robot. 

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