The standard IRB 4400 45kg model

SKU: IRB 4400 45 M2000
control: S4C+
capacity: 45kg
reach: 1.95m
stock: 2
weight: 1,200kg


The ABB IRB 4400 robot is one of the most sought after on the used market. There are two main reasons for this, firstly they are not used in large numbers in the automotive industry and secondly they are ideal for many medium capacity/reach applications. The 4400 has a small footprint, excellent speed and flexibility with a great combination of reach and capacity. It’s comparatively light weight means that it is regularly installed on a 7th axis track giving the possibility to vastly increase the robot’s working range.

The IRB 4400 is available in 4 different configurations, the standard and 60kg versions being the most common. 






The standard IRB 4400-45 model



The larger payload IRB 4400-60 version



The IRB 4400L-30 is a 30kg payload longer arm version



The  IRB 4400L-10 has an even longer arm version with a 10kg payload

The 4400 can be used in many applications including pick and place, machine tending, grinding, welding, de-burring, trimming, and sealing. They are especially popular in the injection molding industry where they can be used to load and unload and perform IML (in mould labeling). The 4400 has excellent accuracy and therefore is commonly used for laser cutting. There are some very highly modified 4400 robots where the whole top arm is replaced with a CO2 laser but it is more usual to have a fixed laser and use the robot to move the part. 

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